Rare Genetic Diseases

There are a unit varied totally different causes of rare diseases. The larger half is assumed to be hereditary, directly caused by changes in genes or chromosomes. in a very few cases, genetic changes that cause disease area unit passed from one generation to subsequent. In alternative cases, they occur at random in a very one who is that the primary in a very family to be diagnosed. These diseases have terrible names. Typically they're even unidentified. Thanks to the dearth of investment in analysis, we tend to area unit still new with the causes or parts of most of the rare genetic diseases scientifically known to exist. Body disorders area unit of 2 sorts numerical and structural. In some cases, body abnormalities happen throughout the event of Associate in Nursing egg or spermatozoon, and alternative times they happen when conception. Body disorders are also suspected in those that have organic process delays, intellectual disabilities and/or physical abnormalities.


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