Rare Diseases

 A rare disease is a sickness that influences a really less variety of the population. Rare sicknesses embody rare cancers like childhood cancers and many different well-known conditions, like {cystic fibrosis| CF| fibrocystic sickness of the pancreas fibrosis| mucoviscidosis | fibrosis |monogenic disorder |monogenic disease} and Huntington’s disease. The overwhelming majority of rare infections will effect far less than this – many can have an effect on solely one or two or maybe one individual. This is often the case of hypochromic anaemia, anaemia of genetic origin that is rare in geographical region; however it's frequent within the Mediterranean region. Several rare diseases seem early in life. The precise explanation for several rare diseases remains unknown. However Environmental factors, microorganism infections, genetic mutations, diet, smoking, or exposure to chemicals, can also play a job in rare diseases.


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    September 11-12, 2023

    21st European Pathology Congress

    Paris, France
    October 16-17, 2023

    21st Annual Pathology Congress

    London, UK

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